Since the declaration of emergency has been lifted, the facility will continue to operate pools, gymnasiums, conference rooms and banquet halls as usual from June 1st.We look forward to your use.
Yashiro Kaikan
Gymnasium (6 buds) in 50M indoor heated pool!

【Official】Yashiro Kaikan

Swimming, badminton, volleyball, basket, mini-basket, marching, brass band, kendo, etc., sports camps such as table tennis and futsal, training trips and general travel are also welcome!

Founding 1971(Showa 46).It is a accommodation that combines 50 meters indoor heated pool and gymnasium.Ideal for sports camps and employee training such as swimming and badminton☆Although there is no detailed hospitality like an inn or hotel, it is recommended for those who want to enjoy traveling easily and reasonably!

News of infectious disease measures that our hall performs

  • We will inform you about the countermeasures against infectious diseases at our hall.We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

    To all users
    We will implement the following as a preventive measure against infectious diseases.We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.
    ■Installation of alcohol disinfectant
    Alcoholic disinfectant is installed in rooms, floors, restrooms, restaurants, etc.
    ■In-house disinfection
    When cleaning the facility or cleaning the room, alcohol disinfection is performed on the doorknobs, handrails, doors of the restroom, etc.
    ■Staff mask wear
    Staff at the facility, including the front desk staff, basically wear masks.The restaurant staff also wear face guards.
    ■Employee hygiene management
    Initiatives as preventive measures for employees.
    ·Wearing a mask when commuting ·Hand wash, gargle, hand disinfection ·Body temperature measurement at work

The very popular "Refreshing Campaign 2020" begins!

  • There are various advantageous course.

    A very cheap cospa course was made with accommodation and meal set.
    Please use it with your family, friends and circle friends.

The “Free Pool Campaign” for 2020 will begin!

  • The popular pool free campaign will also be held in 2020.

    The use on Saturday and Sunday is particularly popular.Please make your reservation as soon as possible.
    ※However, in June / November / February, there is an "age" and "kake" for the pool cover.

The large screen of the auditorium has been updated!

  • The large screen of the auditorium that accommodates 200 people used for lectures and training has been renewed!

    This screen is built in the upper part of the blackboard in front of the auditorium.
    Pull out with a special stick.
    The usage fee is free.

The blackout curtain of the gymnasium is new!

  • The blackout curtain of the gymnasium is new!

    All of badminton have been waiting for you.
    The blackout curtain has been renewed.
    This allows you to focus more on practice.

Printing service has become convenient!

  • You can print from your smartphone or tablet!

    In addition to copying and fax services, you can now print practice menus and photos from your smartphone or tablet.
    ※The photos are for plain paper only.

We prepared chairs and tables in the banquet hall.

  • We prepared chair, table in banquet room!

    In response to the voice of customers who are said to be uncomfortable with cushions, we were able to enjoy banquets at our table. Please use it.
    ※We can accommodate banquets for up to 16 people.

Family pack can be used. It is very profitable if your company joins.

  • Family packs are available.

    If your company you work for is a member of the Family Pack, you can use a good family pack.

Accommodation Features·Facility

  • lobby

    In the spacious lobby also a billiard table is installed!
    You can also use wi-fi.
  • Large Communal Bath

    The bathroom full of spacious and open feeling is perfect for healing fatigue!
    * Curran 24
  • Medium bath

    It is the second largest bath among the three baths.
    * Curran 12
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Google Map

Hotel Name

Yashiro Kaikan


1134-211 Kamimikusa, Kato City, Hyogo Prefecture

Telephone number



Approximately 15 minutes by car from JR Takino Station / 13 minutes from Chugoku Expressway Takino IC

New! A high-speed bus via Osaka Airport (Itami) was increased two round trips a day.
We will pick you up free of charge to the express bus “Highway Company” and JR Kakogawa Line “Yashirocho Station”. * Reservation required
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Swimming Pool·gymnasium

  • Heated pool

    It is an official pool of 50 M × 7 course.
    ※Since the camp has been exclusively used since April 2019, it is not available for general and individual guests.
  • gymnasium

    Length 36.5 M × left and right 29 M
    ·Badminton 6 sides
    ·2 volleyballs
    ·2 baskets, ※Also supports mini basket
    ·8 table tennis
    ·Goal for futsal (Width 309 cm × height 207 cm)
    ·stage(Length 3.3 M × left and right 8.4 M × height 48 cm)Present※Four people are required for preparation.
    ·Audio equipment
    ·Mirror mirror(Vertical 1,825 cm × width 1,505 cm)4 sheets
    ·6 large fans
    ※Reservation for gymnasium only is from 1 month ago.
    ※Since the camp has been exclusively used since April 2019, it is not available for general and individual guests.
  • Fitness gym

    Jim has the following machines.Please also use at the pool and gym training camp.
    Chest Press
    Rat pull down
    Overhead press
    Standing Calf
    Abdominal crunch
    Seated Leg Press
    Leg Extension
    Seated leg press curl
    Hip Abductor
    Hydraulic machine, 6 units
    5 treadmills
    5 aero bikes (Upright, Two, Recumbent, 3 units)
    Summit trainer 2
    Cross trainer 2 units
    1 power meter
    Three Jova
    One bubble machine
    Abdominal muscles
    Cable machine
    Free Weight Corner
    Stretch Space
    ※It became exclusive for training camps from April 2019

Reserve·Contact us

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.


9: 00 - 21: 00, ※closing day: Monday (There are occasional temporary closing days. )