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There are places where nearly 200 people can eat at once.

●Basic usage time
 ·Breakfast, 07: 30-09: 00
 ·Lunch, 11: 30 - 13: 00
 ·Dinner, 17: 00-19: 30
 ※However, in the case of training camp etc., it can be made to the time that matches the practice time.
 ·Please order the meals of the group members in the same type.
 ·Use is self-service.
 ·Reservations are required for all meals.
 ·Meals at the banquet hall or in the room will be increased by 540 yen per person.
 ·We will refuse bringing in the restaurant or banquet hall.
 (You may get a bring-in fee.)
 ·If you only need meals and need to clean up, 110 yen per person is required.
 ·Please inform us in advance if you have food allergies. However, we will respond as much as possible.
  However, since it is not a specialized institution, it will be removed at the customer's discretion.
  The Thank you for your understanding.
  • Japanese set menu eating example

    You can enjoy various side dishes in several small bowls.
  • Breakfast example

    Everyone prepares breakfast here! It is a rustic Japanese set menu of baked fish main.
  • Sukiyaki(One case)

    The picture is for 4 people.Please enjoy a delicious dinner surrounding a pot.
  • Chowder(One case)

    The picture is for 4 people.It is tasty until soup! A pot that can enjoy various ingredients!
  • Matsu Course

    Luxury than usual! Please enjoy the seasonal menu.
  • Course Take

    It is a dish with small pot and mini teppanyaki!
  • Course Ume(One case)

    It's a handy dish with small pot!
  • BBQ

    Waiver BBQ in the field!